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Walking Into Love


Young newlyweds Renny and Adam Carter have been married for six wonderful months. One evening their peaceful ride down a misty road in Whisper, North Carolina is tragically interrupted by a car accident that leaves Renny’s beloved husband dead. She escapes with a broken life, a broken heart, and a fractured mind.

Merek Spencer’s mother was kidnapped fifteen years ago. The event shocked the small and idyllic town of Whisper, but soon the spectacular crime lost its luster and things returned to normal for everyone except Merek and his father James, who blames himself for the crime.

For this reason, Merek has had to play role reversal with his father. And despite Merek’s model good looks, he is a loner by choice working late hours as an architect to occupy his time. At age 36, he has had plenty of opportunities to open himself up to love, but for some reason he cannot. But all of that changes when he meets Renny on the worst night of her life. He pulls her out of a wrecked car and his long dormant feelings awaken from their deep sleep. Reluctantly and surprisingly, Renny also feels the connection.

Both Renny and Merek walk away from the accident in different directions believing their lives will never cross paths again. But fate disagrees. How can love arise so soon after such a devastating loss? Can such a love be legitimate? What about the guilt? Can such a love be blessed of God?

This debut novel is a beautiful love story. It shows the importance of healing and self-forgiveness. It is dramatic, artistic and charming with a tad bit of cool. And Renny’s grandmother adds the right amount of light-heartedness that makes this an enjoyable read for readers of all ages. Grab your cup of tea, coffee or whatever your favorites drink is. Sit back and enjoy “Walking Into Love.”

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