SunHill Publishers


Bones of Fire


A Novel of Spiritual Warfare

by Eric M Hill

Soon Available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook

The demonic Council of Strategic Affairs has discovered an ambitious plot by the forces of God to destroy Satan’s influence in Atlanta. Legendary war hero and captain of the Lord’s army, Rashti—the angel known as the Sword of the Lord--is leading the angelic offensive. The Council’s answer to this bold assault is the Mighty Bashnar--a warrior spirit whose fierceness and cruelty are surpassed only by his military brilliance.

Reverend Styles, a weak and unlikely candidate, is chosen by God to challenge the dark powers in Atlanta. The Mighty Bashnar answers by giving supernatural powers to Anthony Rhigetti, a murderous warlock who aims to turn Atlanta into Satan’s capitol. His rhetoric excites the evil passions of thousands of Atlantans and turns him into an anti-hero. But a second preacher of righteousness is thrust onto the scene. He also has strange supernatural powers. The confrontation of good and evil explodes in the streets. Winner takes all.

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